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Projects are what really keep an artist moving forward in their work. Often these have deadlines, but sometimes they are also just a more formal commitment to the eventual realization of  a life-long ideal.

Here are some projects "on the go" at Tracy Horsman Ceramics

The Passion Project:

Art on the Edge

(a community art centre)

If you've been to the studio here at Tracy Horsman Ceramics you might agree, it's a rustic, but comfortable mountain retreat. The perfect place for a small group of artists to hide away, exchange ideas, collaborate and sink into that creative head-space.

It's always been a concern of ours though that location, access and costs are barrier to participation for some people. Our small class sizes mean that our students have incredible access to the instruction and guidance from our teachers. Many of the feature that make this studio special and unique are also factors that make it completely prohibitive to some people who would like to participate (e.g. children's programming, anyone who doesn't drive or have access to a car, etc). 

Tracy Horsman is committed to seeing art programming (especially for arts and fine crafts that are more "infrastructure intensive", like pottery) more accessible to the local community. Ideally in the form of a centrally located, dedicated art centre that operates year-round in this part of Nova Scotia. Since 2016, she has been working with staff and friends at the Valley Community Learning Association to bring this project to fruition. 

We hope to have more to tell you about this soon, including what you can do to support this project. If you just can't wait though, feel free to get in touch.